About Premier Health Care

    Our philosophy at Premier Health Care is simple. To help YOU with the same caring service we would expect to have ourselves. We want you to feel right at home the moment you walk into our office. We have been serving the South Orange County area for over 12 years and pride our selves on the ability to deliver state of the art health care quickly and efficiently in a personal and caring atmosphere.

    We are equipped to handle your new baby, all the children, as well as great grandmother. In offering complete health care programs, which are tailored to your individual needs, we can help the entire family do better in life. We pride ourselves on our high quality care. After all, don't you and your family deserve the best? We think you're worth it, so we have taken special measures to help you with your health goals and over all wellness. Helping you achieve a more vivacious, healthful lifestyle by getting to the foundation of the problem fast is what we focus on.

    Whether you have been injured on the job, had a sports injury or auto accident, we can help. Dr. Shapero has also specialized in pre-natal and post-natal care, pregnancy, and pediatric health problems. Dr. Shapero has helped countless numbers handle weight loss, diabetes, chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, headaches, respiratory problems, allergies and many other difficult health conditions with great success.

    If you are tired of not getting your questions answered, long waiting, or someone guessing about your health, this is the office for you. We are dedicated to fast service and getting your questions answered. Don’t let procrastination seal your fate with permanent, irreversible damage, call Dr. Shapero today. We are here to serve you.

Dr. Bradley Shapero
1238 Puerta del Sol
San Clemente CA 92673