Ask the Doctor & Our Patients Speak Out

    Dear guest, thank you for caring enough about your self and/or a loved one to get more information on how chiropractic care and healthy lifestyle habits can transcend you to more optimum health and in some cases even miracles.

We have a special little form to make it easy to ask the
Doctor any health question you would like.
Click here to go to the form.

    We know that in many cases it is nice to hear about some one who has experienced the same condition or something similar. Many of our patients were excited to help some one else achieve the same outstanding life changing results. Our Patients Speak Out

    Also, for those who may be skeptical or still not sure how chiropractic could help them live a healthier and more energetic lifestyle we have provided a special section just for you. Skeptics Only.

    Having the ability to communicate quickly and get your questions answered is important. With that in mind we have taken great measures to help make communicating your health concerns easy. Our office may be contacted by electronic mail, standard mail, and facsimile, telephone and in the case of health emergencies you may page Dr. Shapero at 949-767-6736 or go to ask the doctor.

     If you have a health question you can contact the doctor directly at

     If you would prefer to schedule a phone consultation with the doctor, send your phone number and the best time to reach you to the above e-mail address. The doctor’s coordinator will call to arrange a time for the consultation.

     You may also reach our caring professional staff by telephone at 949/492-7488

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