Diagnostic Services:

Blood Type Test
Most people simply do not know their blood type and most doctors do not routinely test for it! This is an extremely important test for developing a diet that is genetically ideal for you. This test can be performed in less than 10 minutes in my clinic.
Fee: $30.00

Adrenal Stress Urine Test
This is a specialized urine test that measures the amount of chloride displaced into the urine. Excess chloride in the urine is a reliable measurement of adrenal stress or adrenal fatigue. Adrenal stress is now a major health challenge of the American population.
Fee: $25.00

Vitamin C Urine Test
Vitamin C is crucial to the health of the immune system, vascular and connective tissue, and is a powerful anti-oxidant. Recent studies have also placed vitamin C in the category of an anti-cancer nutrient. Our urine test can accurately determine your vitamin C status.
Fee: $25.00

Calcium Urine Test
Calcium is an essential mineral for many cellular functions, as well as for healthy bone development. With this urine test I can accurately determine whether your calcium level is adequate, low or even too high.
Fee: $25.00

Oxidata Urine Test
This Oxidata Urine Test is 50 times more accurate than blood serum free radical tests. Free radical damage can lead to cell degeneration, initiating a host of diseases such as: fatigue, allergies, arthritis, elevated cholesterol, and degenerative heart disease.
Fee: $35.00

Malabsorption Urine Test
This urine test allows me to screen you for the presence of harmful anaerobic bacteria and bowel dysbiosis. Dysbiosis is a toxic condition caused by a decline in the population of beneficial digestive bacteria. This can lead to malabsorption, digestive disturbances, allergies, and inflammatory symptoms.
Fee: $25.00

Chemstrip Urine Test
This is a quick, in house test that measures 13 separate urine categories. I use this test to screen you for serious health problems including infections, tissue degeneration, liver disease, kidney disease, and diabetes.
Fee: $25.00

Saliva pH Test
The Saliva pH Test helps me to detect deep levels of physical and mental stress. When highly stressed, the body becomes acidic, which in turn displaces valuable alkaline minerals. Thus, this is an excellent screening for mineral deficiency.
Fee: $25.00

Zinc Taste Test
The most deficient mineral in the American diet is, without a doubt, Zinc. Zinc is an essential co-factor of the immune system and sexual system. Over 90% of patients show signs of Zinc insufficiency. This is a simple test and will instantly determine your Zinc status.
Fee: $5.00

Health Appraisal
Questionnaire with 20 Min. Consultation
This computerized questionnaire helps me discover imbalances in specific organs. It's thorough and accurate, and is based on your reported symptoms.
Fee: $45.00

Comprehensive Stool Analysis
This will aces digestion, absorption, intestinal flora, and evaluates for parasites using a microscope. This very comprehensive evaluation helps to identify more difficult and chronic cases of intestinal malfunction.
Fee: $325.00

Comprehensive Allergy Testing (Foods etc.)
This assessment is a very complete blood test of 92 different food or food groups and will give us the amount of sensitivity your body has to these foods. We can also include other types of allergens such as dusts, yeasts, molds, toxins" and many more.
Fee: Starting at $165.00

Heavy metal and Mercury poisoning Test

This test will assess your bodies exposure to heavy metal such as Amalgam used as a filling in teeth. We can also asses exposures from other sources as well. This is a very simple but accurate test which can assist in assessing the needs for detoxification from heavy metals or the need to remove the Amalgam fillings from your teeth.
Fee: Hair $100.00
Urine $155.00

Saliva Hormone Profile
These profiles are very useful in determining the level of hormones and the fluctuation of such hormones. These can be useful in a variety of conditions which are hormone related.
Fee: Male $145.00- $300.00
Female $245.00- $415.00

Nutritional Examination
This examination is focused on nutritional components of how nutrition can alter body function. This examination includes postural blood pressure assessment, tissue Calcium test, as well as a physical assessment of the various organ systems of the body.
Fee: $45.00

Consultation Fees:
10 min. $25.00
20 min. $45.00
40 min. $90.00
60 min. $135.00

Health Assessment Panel
This panel includes the following tests: Adrenal Stress Urine Test, Vitamin C Urine Test, Calcium Urine Test, Oxidata Urine Test, Malabsorption Urine Test, Chemstrip Urine Test, Saliva pH, and Zinc Taste Test.
Fee: $125.00

This information is meant to give you a list of our most commonly utilized laboratory services and is by no means a comprehensive list of the services available from our office. If you have a question about our test or feel you may need a particular test performed and would like to know more about it please ask either myself or the case supervisor for help.