The Weight Loss Challenge

     Here we are into the New Year. With the desire to be more healthy and time constraints becoming more of an issue it is important to utilize keep programs quick and efficient.
Losing weight is actually very simple. There are dozens of fad diets that are unhealthy and do not produce lasting results. These programs can be very hard on your body and mental outlook.
Even though the formula of losing weight is quite consistent, there is no one size fits all program. Our programs are tailor made to fit your needs and lifestyle. With that in mind remember there is no silver bullet and every thing has a price. By price I mean lifestyle changes. So, my first question to you would be what are you willing to pay to lose weight? Or better yet what are you willing to invest? Will you give up sodas, the late night bon bons, daily late, evening beers or perhaps that lunchtime pizza? What will it take to make time to start to exercise or exercise more? Are you willing to pay that price?
The simple formula of weight loss is calories in verses calories out. It is really that simple.
In our program we determine what your body burns in 24 hours and give you guidelines to keep your caloric intake below that. It is very easy to do with a little determination and information about how the body burns fat.

How does the body burn fat:

     The body burns one unit of fat for every unit of protein. Under healthy circumstances your body will burn fat when caloric intake is reduced below the caloric output of your body. It is really as simple as calories in calories out.
There are however, other factors that can inhibit weight loss or even prevent it.

Other factors:

     Some of the factors that effect weight loss are improper hydration, lack of a balanced diet, erratic eating habits, endocrine imbalance and toxins in the system. Emotional factors can play a role as well.
As humans we are rather social creatures and for that matter we tend to become affected by a variety of social situations. This can trigger excessive eating or episodes of poor and irregular eating.

The basic formula:

     If you are doing the following and are NOT losing weight you most likely have other health problems which are interfering and should consult your family chiropractor or you can contact our office for a consultation and/or reservations to the upcoming weight loss workshop.

1. Eating a healthy balanced diet.

2. Not skipping meals

3. Drinking plenty of water

4. Regular Exercise

5. Keep a positive mental attitude.

     When these steps are adhered to and weight loss does not occur it usually means that other health problems may be contributing.

Unhealthy weight Loss:

     Unhealthy weight loss is loss of lean muscle mass along with body fat or lean muscle mass alone. This situation can occur if your only monitor is a scale. The correct method to monitor weight loss is a body composition assessment; which will measure body fat, lean muscle mass, basil metabolic rate, hydration levels and more.
The result of unhealthy weight loss can increase risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, fatigue, kidney problems, stroke, and others.
In the event you are on a fad diet or may be experiencing unhealthy weight loss we can help.


     Weight loss medications create unhealthy weight loss and have severe side effects. This is not a recommended method. If you are considering this or know some one who is using this method I urge you to contact our office for information that very well could save a life.

The UltraMeal Challenge

     If you are already committed to losing weight and would like some assistance this is an even more exciting time to start your program.
     To assist you in your endeavor to lose weight we have teamed up with Metagenics to offer an exciting weight loss contest.
With an ideally balanced medical food and monitoring of your body composition we can assist you in safe and effective weight loss.

It is as simple as this.

1. Contact our office for a complementary consultation

2. Based on a body composition assessment I design a personalized program including how many meals and how much exercise.

3. You stick to the program for 12 weeks

4. Feel great, and lose weight.

     As a gift to you we will provide you with a body composition and consultation when you commit to the program.

UltraMeal® Formula Focus™




Healthy Body Composition
for Improved Health

A Medical Food Designed to Nutritionally Support the Management of Conditions Associated with Altered Body Composition

> Provides nutritional support for body composition improvement. Conditions associated with poor body composition include:
--Dyslipidemia -- Metabolic Syndrome -- Hypertension -- Estrogen Imbalance
> A delicious and satisfying low-glycemic-index meal
> Ensures sound nutrition in the form of a convenient and delicious shake
> Provides a heart-healthy source of optimal, foundational nutrition with all essential vitamins and minerals
> A dairy-free source of calcium for good bone health
> Provides a high-quality source of soy protein with isoflavones to nutritionally support estrogen balance


Great Tasting and Easy to Use
     UltraMeal is a delicious, non-dairy, nutritionally fortified, powdered medical food designed for those who want to improve their body composition. Using UltraMeal ensures that your patients are getting heart-healthy soy protein, high-quality carbohydrates and fat, dietary fiber, and all essential vitamins and minerals every day. UltraMeal mixes easily with water for a balanced meal replacement or healthy snack, and is available in Natural Vanilla, Raspberry, Dutch Chocolate, Country Peach, Orange Dream, and Mocha for greater patient compliance.

Why is Body Composition Important?
     Body composition impacts overall biochemistry; altered body composition can act both as a direct and indirect cause of serious medical conditions. This is because a high fat-to-lean mass ratio induces metabolic abnormalities that negatively impact the function of a broad range of biochemical activities in the body, including blood sugar and lipid management, blood pressure, and estrogen balance. Without proper management, these biochemical abnormalities can result in chronic conditions such as dyslipidemia, hyper-tension, metabolic syndrome, and estrogen imbalance.

Backed by Clinical Research
     Published clinical research conducted at the University of Oregon and the Functional Medicine Research Center, the research arm of Metagenics, Inc., supports the ability of the UltraMeal Weight Management Program to reduce body fat while preserving lean muscle mass. In the study at the Functional Medicine Research Center, 34 participants followed a doctor-supervised program using the UltraMeal program, while 12 subjects were placed on an unsupervised weight-loss program using a leading over-the-counter diet drink. After 10 weeks, the UltraMeal program users lost an average of 11 lbs., and the diet-drink participants lost an average of 13 lbs. However, there was an important difference in the type of weight lost. Of the 13 lbs. lost by the diet-drink participants, 85% (11 lbs.) were from healthy lean muscle mass. Of the average 11 lbs. lost by the UltraMeal program users, 100% of the weight lost was from body fat with no loss of healthy lean muscle mass.
Preserving lean muscle mass may offer an advantage for maintaining long-term weight loss. In an independent study at the University of Oregon School of Human Performance, a group of dieters using UltraMeal and following a moderate exercise program were able to lose fat as they increased their lean muscle mass. At the end of the program, these dieters not only lost weight but also had lowered their percentage of body fat and increased their percentage of lean muscle. Magnetic resonance spectroscopy offered evidence that mitochondrial energy dynamics had improved, suggesting a preservation in muscle energy function over the course of the study.

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