Are you what you think?

     Many studies in the recent months have been focused on the relationship between the nervous system, the immune system, and the thoughts we think. This is not a new discovery. In 1999 Candice Pert, Ph.D. stated that healthcare of the future will focus on vitality and longevity which will consist of how we think, how we move, and what we eat. The nervous system and the immune system have a very complex communication network. In fact the receptors found in the nervous system are also found in the immune system. We now know that every thought and every chemical that effects immune system also effects the nervous system. As Sifu Rick Armstrong, 4-time National Heavyweight Kung Fu champion said “master the basics and you will seldom need anything else.” Chiropractic care is the basic care for the nervous system and health.

person with globe Chiropractic care can put you back on top of the world.

Yours for better Health.

Dr. Bradley C. Shapero, D.C.

Dr.Bradley Shapero
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