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Super Size Me
Too much TV ups obesity
Lost Productive Time and Cost
Vitamins C, E may aid heart transplant patients
Almonds, as part of healthy diet, cut cholesterol
Cinnamon & Diabetes
Vitamin E may lower risk of allergies, asthma
Natural Flu Fighters versus Vaccine
Fish oil may reduce risk of irregular heartbeat
Healthy Treats for Halloween
Multiple food allergies may affect kids
Connecticut Ritalin law targets schools, not docs
Broken foot linked to Osteoporosis
Selenium coat shoos bugs away from contact lenses
Dental x-rays may reveal stroke risk in women
Ephedrine, Pseudoephedrine, and Ephedra
Hepatitis - Sorting out the myth and madness from the genuine and accurate.
Exersise alone is not the Answer
Beyond Antibiotics
Anti-Depression, Anti-Anxiety and More
The Weight Loss Challenge
The new scare; MOLD
Tips on FEVER
Carpal Tunnel
Acne Medication linked to Suicide!
Summer Time! Can you hardly weight?
Are you what you think?
Institute of Medicine Warns Against Vaccines?
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