Products & Services

    Do to the diverse needs of today’s active child and his or her family and friends we have an extremely wide variety of products and services.

    Available products range from a variety of areas serving newborn babies, pregnant mothers, developing and professional athletes, workers, seniors and those simply interested in living a more full life. These may include nutrition, supports, life style aids, as well as reading material in our library.

Diagnostic & Laboratory
    We offer a full range of diagnostic and laboratory services. These services are readily available and help us to help you solve even the most difficult health care concerns. This is why we are number one with difficult and chronic cases.

    You can be sure we will get to the root of the problem without utilizing unnecessary or outdated tests. We do only those tests necessary to accurately identify the problem and help us develop the most appropriate handling to help you regain your health and well being.

    Dr. Shapero has studied the area of nutrition quite extensively and offers a wide variety of nutritional products for those who need that extra help now and then and for those who just want to do better than to “just get by in life.” Nutritional needs are as diverse as you are so the programs and recommendations which are made for you are based on what you need and as your needs change we are able to track that and modify the recommendations rapidly.

Information Resource
    We also provide a multitude of resources to give you the tools necessary to get the most out of life and enjoy greater well being.