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    Dr. Shapero has studied the area of nutrition quite extensively and continues to keep updated on the most up-to-date nutritional research available. He offers a wide variety of nutritional products for those who need that extra help now and then or for those who just want to do better than to “just get by in life.” Nutritional needs are as diverse as you are so the programs and recommendations which are made for you are based on what you need. As your needs change we are able to track those changes and modify the recommendations rapidly.

     The body's nutritional requirements vary directly with factors including one's age, activity level, fitness, environmental pollution, stress levels, and genetics. There are many ways for evaluation of one's nutritional needs, from simple cravings for specific foods to highly sensitive laboratory tests which reveal trace deficiencies in the blood, urine or other body fluids and by-products in the stool. A qualified Nutritionist or trained Chiropractor such as Dr. Shapero can help you determine whether food allergy tests are indicated, or if digestive remedies are called for. Nutritional requirements differ from person to person, depending upon whether the individual is ill or in good health. For example, a diet focused on maintenance of health will be very distinct from one intended to help heal an acute or chronic condition.
     For those already given a nutritional recommendation from Dr. Shapero and have registered for online orders you may order products on line by clicking on the icon for the supplement vender of your choice and then the product. If you need assistance with ordering or need to resister please call our office at 949/492-7488 or e-mail at
     To order supplements you must be registered with our office to register first, click First Time Registration, or click the vender of your choice below. For assistance contact our office.

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