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Upcoming Workshops

We have brought back our ever popular
Weight Loss Workshop!
Seating is limited so call today. 949-492-7488

Thursday, Jan.15th
Wednesday, Jan. 21st

· Our famous “Home Therapy Workshop” find out what you can do from home to keep yourself healthier. What are some of the new fads to be aware of and what new developments in health care should you take a closer look at.

· Nutrition made simple. Our popular nutrition workshop is back by popular demand and it is better than ever before. Learn what your Bio-status is and how this will affect your health. How to live healthy in a hectic world and much more including anti-aging.

· ADD and ADHD Facts and Fiction.

· Also back by demand our Women’s health workshop

For information or to register for any of the workshops please contact our office at 949/492-7488 or return this e-mail.

Please tell a friend or loved one about these workshops. You can make a difference in someone’s life by caring enough to share.

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