People who suffer bouts of vertigo will gladly subject themselves to numerous tests and remedies to find the source of the problem. Whether it’s just a few minutes of dizziness, or a full blown attack of whirling and nausea –– the condition is pretty unpleasant.

Doctors often scratch their heads while looking into a patient’s ears, hoping to find a reason. MRI tests are common to eliminate the possibility that a tumor may be the cause. A variety of calming drugs and even diuretics are often tried to solve inner ear issues.

Now, based on the results of 60 vertigo patients over an 8-year period, Chiropractic offers new hope for vertigo sufferers. The source of the problem in each of the cases seemed to stem from the area of the upper cervical spine. This would make the neck and upper back area the main target for an adjustment by a chiropractor. Each of the 60 chronic vertigo patients was asked to recall any trauma that might have caused injury to this area of their body. A total of 56 of them were able to recall a fall, a skiing accident, a car crash, a tumble down some stairs, or even a horse riding incident.

Two diagnostic tests showed objectively that cervical subluxations (misalignments of the vertebrae in the neck area) had occurred in all 60 cases. Each patient received the appropriate Chiropractic adjustments to the diagnosed area for one to six months. The result was that all 60 patients showed a positive response to treatment. Fortyeight of the 60 were symptom-free following adjustments, and the other 12 had less severe or frequent incidents.

The study provides a link between trauma in the neck area and vertigo. Any vertigo sufferer would certainly be wise to undergo Chiropractic examination to determine if displacement of vertebrae has occurred. If so, they will certainly be a candidate for adjustment and may soon be on the road to a vertigo-free life.

Yours for better Health.
Dr. Bradley C. Shapero, D.C.