Previous studies have suggested that fish oil supplements (PUFA’s) may reduce the risk of an additional heart attack or stroke in patients who have recently experienced a heart attack. Now new study findings reveal that the supplement may also reduce the risk of sudden death.

“Reduction of sudden death appeared early after start of treatment,” lead study author Dr. Roberto Marchioli, of Consorzio Mario Negri Sud in Italy, told Reuters Health. This “seems to support the idea that (the benefits of PUFAs) could be due to an anti-arrythmia effect,” he added.

The study included 11,323 patients who had suffered a heart attack within the previous 3 months. All of the patients received the same preventive care and ate Mediterranean-style diets rich in fruits, vegetables, olive oil and fish. But some patients also consumed 1 gram of the fish oil supplements per day.

Patients who took the fish oil supplements appeared to be at a 41% lower risk of death from any cause after only 3 months of treatment, study findings indicate.
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